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We have assembled a team of dedicated professionals to deliver comprehensive fertility care. This team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, technicians skilled in embryology, andrology and endocrinology laboratory procedures and an administrative staff.

Our physicians and nurses are considered among the most highly qualified in the field, possessing exceptional skills and continually striving for excellence by enhancing clinical practice with continuing education courses.

Dr. Kathryn L. Honea, M.D.
Virginia L. Houserman, M.D.
Cecil A. Long, M.D.
M. Chris Allemand, M.D.
Diane Howell, CRNP
Deborah C. Merryman, M.Sc., T.S., E. L.D. (ABB)
Beth Hide, CRNP
Patsy Watson, CRNP
Kathy Hudspeth, CRNP
Nancy Scott, CRNP
Sarah Shoemaker, CRNP