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Most couples assume infertility will never be a problem for them and most are right. But for one out of eight couples in the United States, infertility has changed their lives.

Infertility is a frustrating and often frightening experience. Couples seek infertility evaluation and care following the painful realization that they have a fertility problem. Although infertility treatment is not an easy experience, our goal is to provide you with compassionate care, information and understanding.

Approximately 40% of couples with infertility have a female factor such as a problem with ovulation, tubal disease, endometriosis, or cervical mucus. Another 40% of couples will have male factor infertility associated with low sperm count or motility, sperm antibodies, or impaired sperm function. The third group of infertile couples has a combination of male and female factors such as low sperm count of the husband and endometriosis of the wife.