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The ART Fertility Program of Alabama is dedicated to providing compassionate care for couples experiencing infertility. We understand that the needs of each couple are unique. The ART Fertility Program team is trained to provide personal, high-quality care in a safe and cost-effective manner. A dignified approach, in conjunction with state-of-the-art assisted reproductive technologies characterizes our mission to serve couples experiencing infertility.

The goal of this site is to furnish you with an understanding of the various treatment options and programs that are available at the ART Fertility Program of Alabama, located in Birmingham with offices in Huntsville and Montgomery. We trust the material presented here will enable you to more comfortably and knowledgeably discuss your options with our doctors.

The ART Fertility Program Mission Statement
The mission of the Assisted Reproductive Technologies Program of Alabama and its associates is to provide couples experiencing infertility with the best possible medical services, personal care and counseling. Our specific objective is to help each couple have healthy babies. To achieve this, we must offer cost-effective, state-of-the-art care. We are committed to providing assisted reproductive technology services that result in the highest possible pregnancy rate given our commitment to minimize the occurrence of high-risk multiple pregnancies. As such, we encourage couples to limit the number of embryos transferred based on age-related pregnancy rates. Our goal is to minimize the need for selective reduction in ART services.