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Initially, the patient evaluation will take place with an in-depth review of your medical history. Basic tests will be performed such as hormonal assays, ovulation detection and cervical cultures. These basic tests are performed before a decision is made for further studies.

Fertility investigation of a man hinges largely upon a single procedure called a semen analysis. The series of tests performed on a semen specimen tells us most of what there is to know about the state of specimen production and delivery.

In our Program, the first step is an evaluation of all information regarding the cause or causes of infertility. Most couples have completed a comprehensive initial evaluation for infertility with their gynecologist prior to referral to our Program, and may have completed corrective procedures or therapy without obtaining a pregnancy.

An assessment of your previous medical history evaluation and therapy will guide us toward providing the particular form of assistance that is indicated for you. We will review your information with you at your initial appointment and a treatment plan will be established for your care.

As information regarding your fertility parameters is collected, we will develop and modify your treatment plan based on these factors. Any therapy must have an adequate trial. In couples without fertility problems, the best chance of pregnancy per cycle is estimated to be 15-25%. Thus, in four cycles with all parameters corrected, 60% of couples can expect to see results. We will attempt to achieve a pregnancy for approximately four cycles with a particular therapy if it has corrected the identified problems. Your care during this time will be primarily provided by a nurse and/or nurse practitioner with close monitoring by a physician. If pregnancy does not occur, we will investigate more unusual causes of infertility specific to you as a couple, and again, modify your treatment. We prefer that you meet with your physician every 2-3 months during your treatment.


After the evaluation process
of an infertile couple, a treatment plan will be implemented that may include several options.

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